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Solar Systems for Homes Adelaide
Solar Systems for Homes Adam Solar Adelaide

Solar Systems For Your Home

Buying a solar system is not just about the panel and inverter. It’s workmanship, it’s the materials being used and it’s the aftercare support you should expect for years to come. To ensure the highest standards of quality control, you meet with Founder and Managing Director, Adam, from day one. Every aspect of your solar installation is managed by him from beginning to end, overseeing a premium product and premium service.

Installing your new solar system is a substantial investment, requiring the highest level of care and expertise and that’s why we don’t cut corners to compete on price. Holding firm to our principals to deliver you a targeted result you can rely on is our guarantee.

Contact us for an assessment to discuss the specifics of your energy needs and the best system to suit your requirements.

Getting Started
Making the switch to solar may seem daunting at first. Everyone struggles to find their way in new territory. That’s why we have focussed on building a unique customer experience so that the transition feels supported and secure.
1. Visit the Showroom - One of the best places to start with your solar installation is to come into the showroom and speak with one of our energy/product advisers. This will help you to become familiar with the components of a solar system and the variables to consider.
2. Initial Assessment: Site Visit/Energy Assessment - Every job is unique and not all premises require a site visit. However, we prefer to err on the side of caution and will provide a Clean Energy Council accredited installer to attend your location where necessary.
During this initial assessment, whether this be on site or in Adam’s office, every aspect of the premises from your roof structure, slant and orientation, along with your electrical system and energy bills will be assessed in order to determine the findings for your energy report.
3. Detailed Report - After your assessment, we will provide you with a detailed system production report and financial analysis.
4. Pricing - Based on your Energy Assessment Report, we will provide you with a quote. Once accepted, our installation team will be in touch within 10 working days to arrange your installation date.