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6 Sep, 2020

Putting Great Care in Our Installations

Easy does it 👌. Here’s a quick in-progress shot of what one of our installations look like. We spent quite a bit of time ensuring that we position these panels so that they receive the maxim ...

30 Aug, 2020

We Take Pride In our Process

Everything we could possibly need for a smooth installation process is available in our handy van 💪. Part of the process not only involves providing the best and most reputable solar products on ...

23 Aug, 2020

We love Working on New Developments

This onsite visit looks a little different from others, but we love the diversity of our job 💪. Aside from installations on existing homes, we often get called in to do installations during the c ...

12 Aug, 2020

The Worst Case Scenario: Don't Let this Happen to your System

Now THIS is something you don’t want to happen to your electrical 😱. Yikes. We were called in to fix the bad wiring that was performed by a previous company. If you’re looking to se ...

5 Aug, 2020

Don't Focus on Just the Components

Investing on JUST the components of your solar system won’t get you a high-performing result 💥. Here’s why ⬇️. Workmanship and the materials used for your installation are crucial ...

29 Jul, 2020

It's Not just about Tacking Something on Your Roof

Think that solar installations consist of tacking a panel onto the roof? Think again 💥. Small components like wiring are essential to the system, and are prone to corrosion if not installed proper ...