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22 Nov, 2020

A Quick Progress Shot

By the looks of this photo, you probably think that our team is repairing a roof and NOT installing a solar system! But this is all part of our approach to installing systems the RIGHT way. We have ...

15 Nov, 2020

It's Like Putting Pieces of a Puzzle Together

Solar installations are comparable to putting pieces of a puzzle together. Here’s why… A proper solar installation isn’t a tack-it-and-leave it type of job. Because all componen ...

8 Nov, 2020

A Solid Start & A Solid Installation

Another solid start to the week with this fantastic solar installation done by our team 💪. We approach solar differently than others in SA. When it comes to our work, we value the following: 1) ...

25 Oct, 2020

Taking a More Tailored Approach

A few cloudy days shouldn’t affect the performance of your system (if it’s properly installed). The proper installation will always take the constantly changing climate to heart… ...

18 Oct, 2020

Why Solar Matters, Especially in the Summer

Here’s a progress shot of a previous system that our team was responsible for installing. High energy bills can be caused by extensive pool heating systems, so we were thrilled that our client ...

11 Oct, 2020

Our Skills in Electrical & Solar

Our skills are not limited to solar installations in residential properties… We’ve worked with a multitude of development companies, providing our vast range of electrical services to th ...