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8 Apr, 2020

Don't Rush through the Process – Read our Tips

We’ve seen it time and time again… Homeowners are rushing to buy a solar system, only focusing strictly on price to save money up front. This has burned tens of thousands of households ...

1 Apr, 2020

Why You Should be Wary of a One-Size-Fits-All Solution

Solar systems are not a “one-size-fits-all” sort of investment. The solar system you need and the solar system your next door neighbour needs can very easily be two very different things ...

25 Mar, 2020

Custom Approach = Custom Installation

Custom builds means capturing elements that align with YOUR vision and ideas – this is no different when it comes to solar installations. Everything from roof space, elevation, angle and shading, ...

18 Mar, 2020

How to Prevent this from ever Happening to your Installation

It’s unfortunate, but this is something common that we see when we inspect solar systems that were not installed by us… We got called on site to look closely at this poor installation. U ...

11 Mar, 2020

Long-Term Investments are Built to Last...But here's why Some Don't

The faults in this system may be small, but when you’re making a long-term investment, you want it to last… It’s an unfortunate occurrence that we see when clients want to upgrade ...

4 Mar, 2020

How do you Prevent Disaster with your Solar Install?

When it comes to making the switch, how do you ensure your system is going to provide you with reliable energy for your home or business without getting caught up in the tricks that leave you with a s ...