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28 Jul, 2021

How We Determine Which Is The Best Solar Solution For Your Home

Every install is different! Roof Elevation, angle + shading, size of your family, how much energy you currently use and at what times of the day, are all aspects that determine which solar solution wi ...

11 Jul, 2021

Why You Should be Wary of a One-Size-Fits-All Solution

Solar systems are not a “one-size-fits-all” sort of investment. The solar system you need and the solar system your next door neighbour needs can very easily be two very different things ...

7 Jul, 2021

Don't Rush through the Process – Read our Tips

We’ve seen it time and time again… Homeowners are rushing to buy a solar system, only focusing strictly on price to save money up front. This has burned tens of thousands of households ...

30 Jun, 2021

The Right Solar Power System Goes Beyond the Products

Always safety first at Adam Solar 👍🏻 For tips on going solar, download our eBook “A 7-Step Blueprint To A Stress-Free Solar Installation” ~

20 Jun, 2021

We Take Pride In our Process

Everything we could possibly need for a smooth installation process is available in our handy van 💪. Part of the process not only involves providing the best and most reputable solar products on ...

13 Jun, 2021

Solid Day Onsite

Another solid day onsite! Plenty of energy is required to power this multi-level home and making the switch to solar is a great way to avoid those nasty high electrical bills. Even a small system ...