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26 Feb, 2020

There's No Such thing as a Cookie-Cutter Installation

Here’s the truth ⬇️. There’s no cookie-cutter way to approach an installation. Your roof space, elevation, angle and lifestyle will determine what solar parts and products will work ...

20 Feb, 2020

The Real Numbers don't Lie

South Australia, you have so much to be proud of 👊! Statistics show that 35% of solar installations in the country come from this state. With endless days of sun, it’s almost a no-brainer to ...

29 Jan, 2020

Solar Facts

Rising bills, generous rebates, and lower costs is making solar an attractive and incredibly accessible power source in Australia. It truly is a solar revolution! (📸 courtesy of ABC Australia)

29 Jan, 2020

Know the Tell-Tale Signs

Whether it’d be the consultation stage, installation or maintenance, a reputable solar provider is engaged and invested in your intention to go solar. Finding the right solar provider doesn&rs ...

29 Jan, 2020

How to Avoid Subpar Installations & Products

There are days when we’re onsite to help fix installation jobs from prior companies 😱… Cracked, damaged and broken – this is something you definitely do NOT want to deal with 🚫. ...

29 Jan, 2020

Focusing on YOUR Bottom-Line

A GREAT solar provider doesn’t just focus on THEIR bottom-line ☝️… A reputable company will take their time understanding the reasoning behind your decision to go solar, with the com ...

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