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5 Aug, 2020

Don't Focus on Just the Components

Investing on JUST the components of your solar system won’t get you a high-performing result 💥. Here’s why ⬇️. Workmanship and the materials used for your installation are crucial ...

29 Jul, 2020

It's Not just about Tacking Something on Your Roof

Think that solar installations consist of tacking a panel onto the roof? Think again 💥. Small components like wiring are essential to the system, and are prone to corrosion if not installed proper ...

22 Jul, 2020

A New Day, Different Site

Sometimes our work takes us to interesting sites 👀. We’re keeping a close pulse on this construction project, as we’ll soon be on site helping the team get the system hooked up on sol ...

15 Jul, 2020

Cheap = Costly: Why making the right investment in solar matters

We get it – it’s natural to be hesitant about spending a big chunk of money on something new like solar… ❓ How will I know we’ll get our money’s worth? ❓ How will you g ...

8 Jul, 2020

Reputation is Key: Why Testimonials Matter

Quality products and quality installations are just the minimum benchmarks when it comes to a reputable company ☝️. This wouldn’t matter if the experience you had in communicating and work ...

1 Jul, 2020

The Problem of "One-Size-Fits-All" with Solar

The solar system you see here can differ from the one your neighbour has ☝️. Any installer that tries to sell you on a “one-size-fits-all” model has only profit on their minds. Eve ...