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21 Nov, 2021

How You Can Make Money With Your Solar Investment

Start tapping into the sun’s free source of power and generate your own energy to reduce or eliminate your electricity costs forever. With a quick and easy installation by our licensed and accre ...

14 Nov, 2021

Why It's Important To Use Premium Products For Your Solar System

Just like these Tesla batteries, we only use premium brands we trust and believe in so you can have peace of mind knowing you are backed by our well-established and trusted supplier network. To learn ...

7 Nov, 2021

How We Monitor Your System

It’s great to be able to monitor our customer’s systems for them with easy access from our smartphones and tablets. With remote monitoring, we gain full visibility into the system’s ...

31 Oct, 2021

Our Customer Experience Gaurantee

At Adam Solar, our main focus is the customer experience. It’s so important to us, that we conduct regular audits to ensure accountability, quality and confirmation that everyone is performing ...

26 Sep, 2021

How Our Team Can Assist You

Adam Solar has a team of highly experienced, trained and licensed electricians. We can assist with any electrical requirements you have in addition to your solar, including any necessary metre box upg ...

19 Sep, 2021

Our Specialist Team

Our team recently completed a massive job for the Federal here in South Australia, taking on this commercial install. Our specialist team of fully qualified tradespeople are committed to excellence, ...

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